It’s Friday . . . and you know what that means!


Here’s a look at my week in filtered instagram pics (you can follow me at paintandpillows)

I really, really, really want to finish Emma’s quilt. So I’ve been working hard on getting things wrapped up. It looks like my sewing supplies had exploded in the dining room. So I moved my pinning process to the kitchen island.

I really need a craft room :-/

Let me preface this by saying that my husband is not a huge sweet eater. That’s not to say he doesn’t like sweets, he does. He just doesn’t crave them like I do. And he certainly never makes them . . . until now.

The last couple months Hubby has been sort of obsessed with making no-bake cookies. He’s been making them like every 2 weeks.

Then he asked me where all the oatmeal went, because we just bought it and he hasn’t been eating any oatmeal for breakfast. Well, neither have I. So take a guess where all the oats are!! 😉

Who needs the radio when you've got an alarm clock that makes Hulk noises?

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Clock radios are for chumps! What’s better than an alarm clock that makes Hulk noises? 🙂

My little pancake helper!

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My little sous chef “helping” me make pancakes.

Shady Lady on our walk today

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Because of the monsoons, the weather has started to cool down a bit, so Hubby, Shady Lady, and I were finally able to take a walk. She slept the whole time.

P.S. Look at those cheeks!! Love!


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