It’s pretty much all chubby baby photos this week. And really, can you blame me? 😉

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I love waking up to this sweet, chubby-cheeked, happy little girl!

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Look at those cheeks! I just want to bite them!

Hubby is taking some time off work to stay home with Emma, now that I’ve gone back to work. He’d offered to get up with her when she woke up, so I could sleep in (I have to wake up super early for work), but I said “No, thanks!” As much as I would love to sleep past 6 a.m., she’s just so smiley and happy in the mornings! And now that I’m back to work, I only get to see the happy morning baby twice a week. So I’ll take morning coos and cuddles over a couple extra hours of sleep any day!

Probably still a bit too little for this thing, but she loves it!

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I bought a used exersaucer at a local consignment sale. I figured she’d be a bit too little for it yet, but for $13 I figured I’d buy it now and hang onto it. Then I decided to put her in it “just to see” (after all, she is bigger than 97% of babies her age). She is a bit too short, but we just popped a pillow under the standing part so that her feet can reach better. And she loves it! Best $13 ever spent!

We moved her bedtime forward by 30 minutes on Saturday. I'm thinking that might not have been enough 🙂

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As a newborn, we were putting Emma to bed at 10 p.m. since that’s when we went to sleep. We always knew her bedtime would have to move up (especially when I went back to work), so every few weeks we’d shift the whole routine forward 30 minutes (we didn’t wanna shift it too much and risk messing up her schedule completely). On Saturday we shifted it again, so now we start the bedtime routine at 7:30 p.m. and she’s in bed by 8 p.m.

Clearly that’s still too late for this one 🙂

7 p.m. it is!

Got to spend my morning running errands with my favorite person. She was so happy and smiley the whole time!

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Mommy and Little Miss did a little shopping yesterday morning. She was so happy and smiley the whole time!

I think she’s finally catching on to this whole “girls love to shop” thing!

The happiest, smiliest, most adorable baby ever!!

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She is the most adorable baby EVER!!!

Goodness gracious, I love that little girl!!

A little late night sewing . . .

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I finally got my butt in gear and started trying to finish a project I started a month ago!

There’s nothing like deciding at 8:30 p.m. to start cutting and sewing and hopefully get the project finished before bed (which didn’t happen).

What have you been up to this week?


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