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life rearranged

Pizza Friday!! Normally I like to try out recipes from my Pizza Friday Pintrest board, but this time I just threw on a bunch of stuff from the fridge – diced pork chop, pepperoni, banana peppers, diced grilled zucchini, and pepper jack cheese. It actually turned out super yummy! I may have to make it again (intentionally)!

Going back to work after having a baby is HARD! Thankfully, Hubby is taking a month and a half off so he can stay home with the baby for a bit. But, eventually, we’re gonna need childcare. I had already started looking for a nanny, because a handful of days a month our work schedules require very early childcare hours. I found a lovely girl who’s a student at our local university and the care that I need coordinates perfectly with her school schedule. PLUS, she’s crazy about Little Miss! We don’t need her until September, but she wants to pop over periodically until then to see Emma, so that she doesn’t scare her when the day finally comes that Emma wakes up and Mommy and Daddy aren’t there.

The first time she came over to visit, she brought presents! A cute little stuffed monkey, a couple of books, and a card thanking us for hiring her and expressing her excitement in “helping [us] raise the best little girl possible.” She’s the best! I feel soooooo much better knowing she’ll be here when I’m not!

All dressed up for her first birthday party

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Emma attended her first birthday party over the weekend. So in honor of the event, she got all dolled up in a pretty little brown and pink polka dot dress complete with fashionable flower hair accessory. So pretty!

The birthday girl! Happy 1st birthday Nova!

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And here’s the birthday girl, herself. Emma’s future BFF, little Miss Nova!

Watching Frozen! (And practicing sitting up)

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I was working on a couple blog posts in the office when Hubby announces that he found Frozen on one of our movie channel apps. Of course that meant dropping what I was doing and running into the living room for family movie time (and a little practice sitting up). She was asleep within 20 minutes. But Mama and Dada watched the whole thing! :o)

She's trying so hard to roll over!

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This baby wants to be a big girl sooooo bad! She prefers that you hold her up so she can sit or stand instead of laying down. She’s already rolled over once and is bound hell and determined to do it again! She’s gotten close, but hasn’t quite been able to pull it off again, much to her frustration! Where has my bitty baby gone?? Not even 3 months old and already trying to find a way to leave me :o(

I'm sharing my greatest accomplishment today. Emma's birth story is on the blog! Link in profile.

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I shared Emma’s birth story on the blog this week. You can check it out here.

Can you guess who dressed her today? ;o)

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Can you guessed who dressed her this day? Not just the CHIEF shirt (although Hubby is a firefighter), but check out the bloomers. She looks like she was dressed by a blind man! Silly Daddy!

Like I said, she wants to be a big girl. She needs stabilizing, so she doesn’t tip over, but she can use her little legs to hold herself up. Ah!! The growing needs to stop!!

I've only been back to work 3 days and I cannot adequately express how much I missed seeing this sweet, chubby-cheeked girl in the morning!

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I started work again this week. I’m out of the house before the little wakes up. I only worked 3 days before getting my days off, but they seemed like an eternity!! I cannot adequately express how much I missed seeing these chubby little cheeks first thing in the morning! She’s so smiley and wiggly and happy to see you, plus she looks ADORABLE in her little sleepers!!

Not gonna lie . . . I keep her in these as long as possible in the mornings cuz she’s so stinkin’ cute! Who needs to wear real clothes?? ;o)

Little Miss has one SUPER long eyelash!

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One of the many little things I love about Little Miss . . . her one super long eyelash!

Turban head! @meggers627

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Big cousin loves to come over and play with her little cousin. And, of course, silliness ensues!

Trying out our new Boppy Chair. Such a big girl!

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Since she wants to sit up so badly, we decided it was time to buy her a baby chair. Such a big girl!

That’s it for me. What have you been up to this week?


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