It’s instafriday! You know what that means! :o) Here’s a look at my week in filtered instagram pics! You can follow me at paintandpillows Working on a quilt for the little miss. Super happy that my new sewing machine has an embroidery feature. Quilting in the morning, wood working in the afternoon. Built myself a … Read More

DIY Patio Table

One of the features that sold hubby and I on this house was the GIANT backyard. Plenty of space to entertain our friends and family. Coming from a small house with a tiny back patio (not a backyard), our furnishings for the space were rather sparse. Slowly, over the last 3 years, we’ve managed to … Read More


There’s gonna be lots of baby pictures for this week’s InstaFriday. What can I say? New mommy! :o) Here’s a look at my week in filtered instagram pics! You can follow me at paintandpillows Rockin’ the “I Love Daddy” onesie in honor of Father’s Day Hubby had to work on Father’s Day (Boo!), so it … Read More

Emma’s Nursery Reveal

WARNING: PREPARE FOR PICTURE OVERLOAD! :o) Once hubby and I decided to start trying to expand our family, I immediately began planning our future baby’s nursery. Who am I kidding? I began planning the nursery as soon as we got married. Maybe before. I’m a girl. We do these things. Sorry I’m not sorry. Thanks … Read More

I Swear I’m Not Dead!

Wow! It’s been almost a year since my last post! I’m a terrible blogger. Start a blog. Write 4 or 5 posts. Drop off the grid. Yup. That’s me. Sorry. Big things have been happening over here (which in large part resulted in my extended absence)! I’ve been working on the biggest, hardest, best project … Read More


Here’s a look at my week in filtered instagram pics! You can follow me at paintandpillows Hubby and I were wrapping up painting the living/dining room and all that was left was my herringbone wall. This was the project I’d been dreading for over a year! Step 1: Tape off wall and paint the base … Read More

Herringbone Wall

If you follow me on Instagram, you got sneak peeks of this project as I was working on it. Now it’s time to share it with the world! Introducing: my herringbone wall! I was inspired by this project that I found via Pintrest: Isn’t it stunning?? I have a HUGE blank wall in the living … Read More

Magic Farmhouse

I’m so excited! I just placed an order for an 11×14 of this beautiful print from The Wheatfield by Katie Daisy It’s called Magic Farmhouse. Isn’t it lovely? It’s going to look so beautiful over my fireplace! 😀 I love, love, LOVE all the beautiful art you can find in her etsy shop! It’s so … Read More

Home Tour: The Before

I love to be creative. I love to craft and sew and paint. (OK, maybe not paint. But I like things to be painted) But of all the ways I can be creative, of all the mediums I could use, my most favorite is my house. My house is my canvas. I spend most of … Read More

Beginning Again

Hi! My name is Jenny! Some of you might remember me as the “homemade diva.” If that’s you, it’s good to see you again! I’m glad you’re here. If you have no idea who the “homemade diva” is, follow me . . . I began blogging in 2009 on a different blog titled The Homemade … Read More