My Baby Essentials: 3-6 Months

Remember that time I shared with you all my favorite baby items from Emma’s first 3 months? Now that she’s hit the 6 month mark, I thought I’d come back and share with you what we loved during her second 3 months. 1. Sleep Sacks – We stopped swaddling Emma at about 4 months. She’s … Read More

Emma: 5 Months

Sooo . . . Little Miss turns 6 months in just about a week and I’m I’m just now getting this 5 month update posted. Oops! I’d say sorry, but I’m not really. I’ve been busy playing, cuddling, kissing, and watching my baby grow (way too fast). But here it is! What my not-so-little squish … Read More

Baby Swing Makeover

I’m a lucky girl. I have great friends and family. As soon as I announced that I was pregnant, the hand-me-downs began flooding in! One of the things I got from a friend was a baby swing. It works great and Emma loves to nap in it but I was never too fond of how … Read More

Emma: 4 Months

As you may have noticed, I’ve been neglecting the blog as of late. It wasn’t intentional. I had grand plans of spending my week of vacation (2 weeks ago) writing a plethora of witty and charming blog posts to regale you all with. And then life happened. Figuring out how to be a wife, mother, … Read More


It’s Friday . . . and you know what that means! InstaFriday! I missed last week (again), so I’ve got 2 weeks worth of pictures to share! (You can follow me at paintandpillows)Little Miss was baptized 2 weeks ago! She looked so adorable in her pretty little dress (gift from a co-worker) and her gorgeous … Read More


It’s Friday . . . and you know what that means! InstaFriday! Here’s a look at my week in filtered instagram pics (you can follow me at paintandpillows) I really, really, really want to finish Emma’s quilt. So I’ve been working hard on getting things wrapped up. It looks like my sewing supplies had exploded … Read More

Lavender Vanilla Shortbread Cookies

A couple years ago, I coworker brought in some cookies that his wife had made. They were shortbread cookies made with lavender. And they were divine! I swear I ate a dozen of them! Since then, I’ve had it in the back of my mind to try and make my own sometime. Well a couple … Read More


It’s instafriday! I know I missed it last week. My days off of work were different last week and it totally messed me up! I was not rested at all and spent all week hanging on by my fingernails while I waited for my next days off to come. Which is also why I haven’t … Read More

Bringing Home Baby: Tips & Tricks for 0-3 Months

When I first found out I was pregnant, I spent a LOT of time reading anything I could find on how to raise a baby. I know, I know. Everyone said that it’ll all come naturally (true). I would be fine (true, again). I would figure it out (also true). The thing is, I have … Read More